Dream school

Training and facilities

The dressage horses from our Dream School are trained by top trainers. Our enthusiastic team ensures on a daily basis that the horses have everything they need. Our focus is on the training of the horses.

It is important to us that the horses feel at home in our grand accommodation. After all, the better the horse feels, the better its performance. This is why we provide optimal care and training in our five-star stable seven days a week.

Animal wellbeing

The wellbeing of our horses is our number one priority. With that in mind, our horses are taken out of their stalls three times a day to ensure they get enough exercise. The extra-drained pastures offer a longer period of grazing and, in addition, the spacious paddocks can be used to still provide enough exercise and freedom every day.

The horses are fed five times a day to reduces the risk of intestinal problems.

By using a ventilation outlet in the highest part of the roof (ridge ventilation) combined with underfloor heating, we are able to create an optimal climate in terms of humidity.

In addition to 24/7 camera surveillance, we provide our mares with extra-large stalls of 8×4 metres in order to avoid accidents after giving birth.

Ons team

Trainer Ineke<br />den Drijver

den Drijver

Trainer Yessin<br />Rahmouni


Trainer Iris<br />Veldman


Trainer Kim<br />Morit


Trainer Rosa<br />Vlaar


Trainer Rene<br />Groen


Trainer Irene<br />den Drijver

den Drijver

Trainer Siem<br />den Drijver

den Drijver

Trainer Femke<br />Buitenhuis


Reducing the risk of injury

In order to prevent injuries, we have equipped the indoor and outdoor riding arenas and also the paddocks and lunging corral with an ebb and flow system. The latter and the horse walker are both covered to allow year-round use.


We use the racetrack to improve the horses’ stamina and to create variety in the training. This will make the horses strong and, in doing so, they will have the opportunity to relax for a while.

We also have a solarium, which improves the muscle flexibility and speeds up the drying process.



The design of our accommodation incorporates as much glass as possible, to allow maximum daylight in. This ensures that the horses are less likely to grow a thick winter coat.

In addition, we have opted for a LED lighting regime so that there is always 16 hours of light followed by 8 hours of darkness in the stables all year round. A lighting regime also contributes to a sense of structure, peace and regularity for the horses, which prevents abnormal behaviour.

The lighting of stables also plays an important role when it comes to breeding. This is because it has a major influence on the horses’ hormone balance and fertility.

Horse transport

To avoid all risks during transport, the horses in both the 2-horse and 6-horse horsebox are equipped with every convenience and protection. Here too, extra attention has been paid to daylight and ventilation.

Find your dream horse

Find your dream horse

We have a large selection of dressage horses. If your dream horse is not (yet) in our stable, we will be happy to look for you.